A 2024 Kitchen Remodel in Lee’s Summit: Everything You Need to Know–Considering a kitchen remodel in Lee’s Summit? At Building Dreams Renovation, we know that is a whole can of worms to think about. A BDR professional contractor can help you plan an amazing kitchen makeover in Lee’s Summit, but in order to help them design a kitchen that suits your needs, you should have a clear understanding of your priorities before hiring a professional home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit.Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit

Your BDR kitchen’s design in Lee’s Summit will be greatly influenced by how you use it.

  • Does your family eat together in the kitchen a lot?
  • Do most meals—or just some—take place in the kitchen?
  • Or does your family only prepare meals and cook in the kitchen?

Identifying the ultimate use of your kitchen, according to Building Dreams Renovation, is crucial to creating a space that you and your loved ones will cherish for many years to come. Here are a few more BDR tips for creating a dream kitchen makeover in Lee’s Summit.

Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit

Make a Wish List for Your Kitchen Remodel in Lee’s Summit

Think about what isn’t functioning in your existing kitchen when you’re first deciding what elements to include in your new design.

  • Would you like modern appliances?
  • Do you have old countertops?
  • Does the flooring require replacing?
  • How does the room’s current color scheme affect how you spend time and feel there?

In your initial wish list, feel free to dream large and pursue your actual ideal kitchen. When creating your budget, it’s helpful to start with an idealized list so you know what updates are most important to you and what style you’re going for. You can prioritize and reduce these items later.

Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit

Kitchen Remodel in Lee’s Summit: Make a Budget

Setting your budget is the time to prioritize and establish reasonable expectations, while making your wishlist is the time to let your imagination run wild and dream big. It will be easier for your contractor to make wise choices when working in your kitchen if you set a realistic budget for yourself and consider which updates are most important.

If your expectations aren’t in line with the limitations of your budget, you’ll be focused on what wasn’t done rather than what was in the finished product, which will set up your new kitchen for failure from the outset. To get the look and feel of your dream kitchen for less money, your contractor can often use their experience with a kitchen makeover in Lee’s Summit to incorporate less expensive dupes and materials where needed.

Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit

Choose a Kitchen Remodel in Lee’s Summit That Has the Counter Space You Want  

Determining the amount of counter space you’ll need in your finished kitchen makeover in Lee’s Summit also involves taking stock of your current kitchen and how well or poorly it meets your needs. How many people are usually cooking together in the kitchen? If you have family members who cook together or prepare meals simultaneously, you might want to think about adding more counter space to your current arrangement.

Whether and how often your family eats in the kitchen may also influence your decision regarding counter space. For those who prefer to eat breakfast on the run, grab a quick snack, or keep a family member company while they cook, an island featuring stool seating is ideal.

Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit

Choose Kitchen Remodel in Lee’s Summit That Has Storage Space

Considering the hidden storage areas in your kitchen is just as vital as considering the spaces that are visible from the outside. Building Dreams Renovation will help you stay organized. The amount of storage space you need, depends on what you have.


Take into account the amount of space you’ll need for cabinets to hold the following items after your kitchen makeover in Lee’s Summit:

  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Dishes
  • Silverware
  • Pantry and Refrigerator Space

When remodeling a kitchen, it’s also the ideal opportunity to get rid of any outdated stuff that isn’t functional.

It’s a great idea to consider your storage needs in advance so that you can provide your home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit contractor with accurate and valuable information that will enable them to come up with creative solutions to meet your needs.

Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit

Choose a Kitchen Remodel in Lee’s Summit With Your Color and Aesthetic

While neutral kitchens were the norm in the past, modern kitchen trends frequently include the use of striking materials and colors. The kitchen is a terrific place to experiment with a more daring aesthetic because, in most homes, it’s seen as a place of activity rather than relaxation.

Getting ideas for the design of your ideal kitchen makeover in Lee’s Summit can be accomplished by looking through pictures. Think about flooring and countertop materials, cabinet and backsplash colors, and similar things. As was previously mentioned, your home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit contractor can assist you in finding a less expensive material that looks just as good if a particular material isn’t something you can realistically afford.

Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit

Choose a Kitchen Remodel in Lee’s Summit With the Right Lighting

Lighting is a frequently disregarded for your ideal kitchen makeover in Lee’s Summit design element that has the power to completely change a room. An eye-catching light fixture over a seating area or island is a great way to bring a BDR design scheme together.

Because mood and lighting are closely related, making sure your kitchen is sufficiently bright will contribute to its feeling as the center of your house. A sufficient amount of natural light can be ensured by replacing outdated windows or even asking for new ones to be installed. The kitchen’s fixtures will provide ample lighting for the rest.

Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit

When Designing Your Kitchen, Collaborate With a Pro at Building Dreams Renovation

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We are a home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit  known for providing our clients with the dream aesthetic at the budget they require through our sincere and competent service. Together, we can achieve our goals because of our strategy of paying attention to what our clients need and actively listening to them.


Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit

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Kitchen Remodel in Lee's Summit


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