#1 Home Remodeling in Lee’s Summit: Amazing Projects for the Winter

Making sure your home’s interiors are cozy so you and your family can spend more time inside as the weather cools off outside is crucial. This is especially true now that many of us work from home and spend more of our leisure time indoors. Winter renovation projects with a home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit can keep your house feeling modern and energized.

Winter is a great season for both small-scale and large-scale interior renovations. This is largely because outdoor projects in climates with variable weather have a narrower window of opportunity because they can only be finished in the warmer months. Therefore, it makes sense to devote funds to exterior renovations in the summer and interior renovations in the winter with a home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit if you want to spread out your annual spending on home improvements.

The assistance of a professional home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit may be easier to obtain in the winter if they are booked up well in advance during the warmer months. This is a crucial factor to take into account in order to guarantee that any renovations are completed accurately, conveniently, and on schedule.

As the winter months draw in, consider these five interior winter home improvement projects for this year.

Home Remodeling Company in Lee’s Summit: Insulate to Eliminate Utility Expenses

When the cooler months approach, the first task on your list should be updating your home’s winterization with a home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit. If not, you might end up with outrageous Lee’s Summit utility bills for the duration of the season.

Doing an energy audit in Lee’s Summit early on will help you determine the areas of concern, the type and thickness of insulation currently in your home, as well as its R-value, and ultimately, the best course of action. While owners of older homes will probably need to inspect the insulation itself, owners of newer homes can typically obtain this information from the builder.

You can measure the thickness and type of insulation in your home’s attics and basements, or other exposed structural areas, to conduct an inspection of the insulation in those areas. All external walls should also be inspected. To do this, find an outlet, turn off the power to it, take off the outlet cover, and shine a flashlight inside to determine the thickness and presence of insulation. To make this process easier, you can also seek the assistance of a certified home energy auditor.

Once you’ve established how much insulation your home already has, you can use the energy.gov Home Energy Saver calculator to estimate how much more insulation you’ll need to add in order to properly weatherize your house. If you’re not sure, a home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit or another professional can help ensure that you’re using the appropriate kind and quantity of insulation to reduce your energy costs and get a high rate of return. See our home winterization checklist for additional tips on how to get your house ready for the cold.


Interior Wall Painting: Refresh Your Rooms

Repainting interior walls is actually best done in the winter, despite the fact that painting has traditionally been a spring or summer project. New paint coats can dry more quickly in the winter months due to the dry air. Winter paint projects are less common, so local stores might give discounts on paint and related materials. This makes winter paint projects one of the more affordable home improvement projects.

Your home may begin to feel gloomy due to the harshness of winter and earlier sunsets, particularly if you’re spending more time indoors than you have in previous years. Your spaces can be revitalized, and your motivation and mood can be elevated by adding a cheerful and inviting splash of color.

Hire an expert to handle the work if your remote work schedule is equally as demanding as your in-office schedule—or possibly even more so if you’re juggling multiple household members who are working from home or attending school at the same time.


Home Remodeling Company in Lee’s Summit: Replace light fixtures to create a brighter atmosphere in your home.

Similar to painting projects, updating gloomy fixtures in your house can drastically change its interior design and maintain a cheery, cozy feel even in the gloomy months. It has been demonstrated that having enough lighting is associated with a more optimistic mental state, which may help you and your family cope with the decrease in natural light during the winter.

The effects of seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a mental illness linked to the body’s increased production of melatonin during longer days outside, may even be lessened by having adequate lighting in your home.


You may be shocked at how much of an impact lighting has on the atmosphere in your house. Replacing outdated, dim light fixtures with more modern, brighter models can greatly increase the energy and cheeriness of a space, which is especially crucial with a home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit. If you want to brighten up notoriously dark areas in your house, like basements, you might even think about installing fixtures where none previously existed.


For Added Coziness, Install New Carpets

Installing new carpet towards the end of winter is a great idea, as it will have withstood months of being tracked in by snow and slush from the outside. In addition to adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home’s interior design, new carpeting also makes sense practically because it offers a soft surface for walking on and may even act as extra insulation for your floors.

You can install carpet on your own, but it will cost a lot of money because you will need specialized tools and supplies, not to mention the labor hours required. Before putting down the carpet, you’ll need to make sure you’re purchasing the appropriate amount of carpet for the area, rent tools, moving furniture and any other obstructions out of the way (which occasionally also entails removing doors), installing tack strips, and getting and placing padding on the inner perimeter of the tack strips.

Carpet stretching, one of the most crucial components of a successful carpet installation, is a complex skill that can be challenging to master on your own. If you’re not a professional, it can also be challenging to correctly seam adjacent pieces of carpeting so that the pile direction of the carpet remains constant and the patterns match up. For these reasons, hiring a home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit to help complete the task makes sense in order to ensure ease of completion.


Home Remodeling Company in Lee’s Summit: Renovate Rooms to Change Your House Prior to Spring

Given that you and your family are probably spending more time indoors than in previous years, you might be particularly restless and yearn for a bigger change in your house this year. If you’re searching for more ambitious wintertime DIY projects, think about remodeling an entire room, like your kitchen, bathroom renovation in Lee’s Summit, or basement.

Since they will increase your home’s value over time, these rooms are great options for winter remodels. There are a number of options to think about reclaiming your basement if it’s currently being used as a place to store random items. You can use it as a:

  • Home gym
  • Game room
  • Bar for adults
  • Place where kids can play, learn, or create crafts

Home Remodeling Company in Lee's Summit

The smallest room update of the three is a bathroom renovation in Lee’s Summit. Although bathrooms are crucial rooms in your house, they are frequently overlooked in bigger renovation projects. To make your bathroom ideal for much-needed self-care and relaxation, think about installing a custom walk-in shower or bathtub, upgrading your plumbing to save water costs over time, and redesigning the area with new tile and finishes.

Since many families spend a lot of time cooking, eating, and catching up in the kitchen, it’s an exciting space to remodel. You can update appliances and design elements like:

  • Countertop
  • Backsplashes
  • Cabinets
  • Finishes

As well as rearrange the layout of your kitchen to make it more open and efficient with space.

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Collaborate on Your Winter Projects

With a Home Remodeling Company in Lee’s Summit

Winter home improvement projects can be completed more effectively when you work with a professional, even though doing upgrades yourself may initially seem more cost-effective. It can be costly to rent or purchase the necessary equipment and supplies. Moreover, unforeseen problems and poorly executed projects may wind up costing you more money in the long run or during the renovation process. To guarantee that the work is done correctly, we advise collaborating with a licensed contractor who is an expert on kitchen makeovers in Lee’s Summit.


With the experience of our home remodeling company in Lee’s Summit, you can conceive, organize, and carry out any home improvement project. With the ability and breadth of knowledge our team possesses, we can assist you in completing the task more quickly and effectively. At Building Dreams Renovation, we put a strong emphasis on working together to help you develop and realize your vision. Get in touch with us now, and by springtime, from cabinet refacing in Lee’s Summit to a basement remodel in Lee’s Summit, we’ll have your house feeling lighter, cozier, and more renewed.


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Home Remodeling Company in Lee's Summit

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